Top Tips To Keep Your Workplace Toilets Clean and Fresh

Think about how many people there are in your office, then think about how many times everyone uses the most popular facility-the toilet.

As experts in workplace disinfection, we figured we’d put together some quick tips to help make sure your workplace toilet doesn’t become a bio-hazard and spread loads of bacteria that can be the perpetrator of employee sickness bugs! Let’s jump right in!

The value of soap in your office or public toilets

The absolute must have in every bathroom is soap to kill the bacteria whether it’s in the workplace or at home. Liquid soap dispensers are a common fast and easy to use alternative in public toilets, one thing to remember is to ensure that the dispensers themselves remain in good condition as they are likely to be pressed several times a day. We also suggest to have a hand sanitiser near the sink.

What else is necessary to keep the toilet clean at your office?

Both toilets will have a seat whether it’s the ladies or the gents. We suggest that you check your office toilet seats periodically to ensure that they are still intact (hinges may sometimes fall loose), and to verify that they are held to a clean standard. Seat covers are something you might find, too.

Which are the necessities for maintaining a clean and new office toilet?

Another need is toilet paper that should be available at all times and continuously supplied. Not only that, think about how people dry their hands after washing them; if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, you may have hand dryers that need to work properly, or have cloth towels or disposable paper towels. Don’t forget to clean your bins regularly!

Build a toilet cleaning checklist for your office

In making a checklist you can identify the key tasks that need to be completed and make sure that your cleaner or caretaker crosses them off at the end of each working day. If you need help putting together a checklist, contact us! The skilled cleaners staff is highly trained in all areas of hygiene, including hygiene of toilets in industrial settings.

Last but not least, make it smell new! It will act as a way to let your workers know that maintaining their cleanliness is a clean, hygienic environment, and as an incentive to them.

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