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At home, it’s estimated we touch more than a hundred objects between hand washes each day. But a viral crisis can upturn a happy family life. Ensuring proper preventative sanitation, disinfection can make sure you aren’t moving out of the house mid-week. Our expert domestic disinfection measures will reduce your chance of infection and outbreak, and can destroy any lingering bacteria or biohazards after your home has been released from evacuation and quarantine.

Unsure if your facility is up to these standards? To arrange a site survey for a thorough disinfection service, please contact the experts here or call us on 01273 034 028.

Clinical Solutions

As soon as we’re in the building, we use nothing but hospital-grade chemicals to kill any bacteria, fungus, or virus.


All of our services come with a CleanMD certificate of Disinfection so you can trust the job is done.

Infectious diseases such as Norovirus, SARS, and Coronavirus pose a serious threat to the health of children, family, and friends; they can be spread via bodily fluids, which survive on surfaces for a period of time after ejection. Coughing, speaking, and not washing hands after visiting the bathroom are all common contributors to the spread of such diseases. These are behaviours you can’t eliminate. What you can avoid is leaving contagion to spread. It’s important to act quickly and focus on the hygiene measures you can put in place to make sure your home is regularly disinfected to contain any infection and stop an outbreak in its tracks.

We mean it when we say we are the experts. Both our technicians in Specialist Hygiene are qualified with industry-leading staff, making them experts in all forms of disinfection environments. We are also on hand to provide expert advice and guidance on all kinds of disinfection services-simply by completing our Contact form you can book a FREE appointment with your nearest CleanMD Hygiene specialist.

As well as the expected preventive healthcare services offered by CleanMD, we also have an emergency response to healthcare organisations with urgent requests for areas to be and quickly disinfected. It means these areas can work very rapidly to maximum potential.

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Service - Fog and Spray

CleanMD recognises the challenges faced to maintain a healthy and hygienic climate. Working in partnership with healthcare organisations, we offer advanced healthcare disinfection services to effectively reduce the risk of contamination and help avoid and manage spreads.

We provide scheduled, comprehensive decontamination services for this purpose, available to high-risk areas. Use our systematic methods and advanced technologies for fogging and disinfection is done with minimum disturbance and time to your procedures.

What Is Fogging?

CleanMD - Keeping Your Home Safe

As UK leaders in infection control we continually reassess the chemicals and methods we use with our client company offices and protect their staff from contagion. Our tailored office packages have been designed as rapid response services for premises that have been contaminated or are potentially contaminated. We use the latest hospital-grade disinfectant misting and wipe-down methods to kill airborne and surface-dwelling bacteria.


We use medical grade disinfectant when we service any office building. Depending on the situation and the package required, we will use spray-and-fog techniques, wipe-down methods or a combination of both. All biohazard waste is disposed of in UN-approved medium-duty yellow bags. Our staff wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) from head-to-toe, including respiratory protection masks and disposable high-grade plastic coveralls.

We will provide you with as clear a quote as possible before we get onsite. If there are spaces that have not been disclosed to us, or the situation is worse than previously understood, we will assess the situation and provide a revised price, always before we start work or any contractual obligations are made.