About CleanMD

About CleanMD

Domestic & Commercial Deep Cleaning Services

Why Virus Protection?

The United Nations reports global population growth at a rate of 1% per year. This, and a variety of other factors including globalisation and urbanisation, means more deadly strains of novel virus are developing at a faster rate than ever.

At CleanMD Disinfection Solutions, we recognised a growing concern for the protection of schools, businesses, and other institutions from viral threats.

We aim to provide best-in-class disinfection solutions to protect our children, friends and family from infection, and to keep our communities safe.

From our offices in Portslade, just outside of Brighton, we manage a team of cleaning specialists who respond fast to the threat of contamination.

Specialist Local Team

Our team of trained disinfection cleaners is here to provide you with fast-response service in and around Brighton and the Sussex area. 

Hospital-Grade Chemicals

We use clinical-grade, non-toxic chemicals for every job. They kill 99.999 % of viruses and bacteria and are highly effective against spores, fungi and amoebae. Our treatments have proven biological efficacy, resulting in broad spectrum disinfection that is both stable and safe.

The products we use are not harmful to humans or pets; after disinfection they degrade simply into water and oxygen. None of our products contain chlorine or alcohol and have they have zero corrosive properties.

Innovative Techniques

We use a revolutionary fog-and-spray technique with high-grade chemicals to kill all airborne and surface-dwelling viruses and bacteria. ULV decontamination has proven material compatibility so all equipment and surfaces can be safely decontaminated in situ with no detrimental effect to performance or aesthetics. This method of decontamination is ideal due to its rapid, flexible and ‘residue-free’ nature.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are happy because we are timely, friendly and work safely.  We use the best products and offer exceptional value at all times. 


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